Try a Different Perspective

Sometimes in writing–or any creative activity really–seeing something from a different perspective can make all the difference. In his short film, A Different Perspective, Chris O’Hara forms this idea into a literal concept, wherein an alien somehow ends up on a 2-D Earth and ends up changing how everyone else sees the world.

“The original idea spawned from a little sketch I did, where I had this giant character bumping into the sun, like the alien does with the moon,” O’Hara explains. “This led to the idea of playing with perspective and depth of field, and then I built a little story around those ideas. The flat, graphic nature of the design was implemented as it best served the concept, and helped to sell the perspective gags and ideas—the camera needed to stay straight on for the perspective gags to really work.” — Chris O’Hara, via @FastCo.Create

Check it out below, and head to FastCo.Create for the full article.

A Different Perspective from Chris O’Hara on Vimeo.


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