Pamela Painter’s “Three Flash Metafictions” via 100 Word Story



What do your characters want?

What do your characters do in their spare time without you? Do you have any say in the matter?

What do you have to say, in 100 words or less?

Give it a try and find out!

DON’T MISS: John Fowles Center Reading with Bosnian Writer Ajla Terzić (Feb. 16 @ 7pm)

Ajla Terzic

Ajla Terzić was born in Travnik, Bosnia, and has received several awards for her short stories and essays in various media including the Hubert H.Humphrey (Fulbright) Fellowship, and the Central European Initiative Writers in Residence Award. Her works include the collection of poetry Kako teško pišem (How Difficult it Is for Me to Write, 2004) as well as the novels Lutrija (Lottery, 2009) and Mogla je biti prosta priča (It Could Have Been a Simple Story, 2011). 
Follow this link to read more about Ajla Terzić’s 2011 work, It Could Have Been a Simple Story, over at